Friday, July 18, 2008

Strawberry Grace

I finally placed the piece I wrote in 687 about nurturing strawberries in Appalachia as a child. Targeted originally for Greenprints (subtitled the Weeder’s Digest) it was rejected as not carrying enough emotional weight. (I thought the piece the correct emotional tone for a story about growing fruit). I then submitted to the color glossy Birds and Blooms, and received an acceptance letter from their sister pub, Backyard Living. It made the July 08 issue. The treatment is lovely. Inside back cover, glossy, and photographed to look like a page from a spiral-bound gardening journal. It’s a sweet pub.

Oh, and I was paid in windchimes…

Here is a pdf of the piece


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lockie said...

Hi all!

I've not written any news for some time, as I've been mostly publishing things that are not much fun. (example: I'm freelancing for the real estate section of all things).
However, good news in the form of a new course I'm teaching at Warren Wilson College here in sunny Swannanoa. I currently teach "Intro to the Media", a hybrid class, first part of the semester is similar to our own WP687 class, and last half of semester is devoted to copyediting and public relations. I've been wanting to teach a features workshop for some time, and I pitched it hard this semester and it landed! I teach "feature writing" this Spring here at Wilson and am framing it as a workshop. It will include environmental journalism, travel pieces, humor pieces, profiles and more. Yay!
Best to all.
Lockie Hunter