Friday, January 11, 2008

Lockie's Parenting Pieces

A couple of new pieces by alum Lockie Hunter appeared in December.

One was "Top 10 gifts for teens and tweens" that appeared in WNC Parent Magazine in December 2007.

The other was "Top 10 gifts for baby's 1st Christmas" that appeared in the living section of the Asheville Citizen on December 10, 2007.

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lockie said...

So, apparently there is money to be made in this parenting gig after all. I’m freelancing (note the word freelancing means there’s a paycheck involved, finally!) for a local Asheville title called WNC Parent, and I’ve use of a free model in my daughter, Pascale. Last article was on winter fashion for children, and though I had fun writing it, and Pascale had fun as my model, I did lose money, as I when I saw how delicious she looked in said winter fashions, well…had to buy a few new preschool outfits. (She already dresses better than I do). I’ll send the link when available. It takes a while for them to post online. It's the south. we're allowed to be slow...
Best to all of you in your writing.