Saturday, October 20, 2007

826 Boston & Casey Robertson

There's a terrific piece in The Boston Globe this morning at 826 Boston: A different writing center - The Boston Globe about Dave Eggers' 826 writing centers that work with students from 6 to 18 years old as a new center has opened in Boston.

Casey Robertson (WP491), who interned with 826/LA is now working with the start-up of 826 Boston.

Globe Correspondent Danielle M. Capalbo writes:

"Robertson began her internship in January after working last summer at 826 Los Angeles, and she said she is hooked on making a difference in the lives of young students.

"'It's definitely expanded my horizons," said Robertson, who now is considering a teaching career. "It's made me realize this need exists everywhere.'"

Earlier in the piece, Capalbo writes:

"To master outreach in a city of 145 public schools, the staff at 826 Boston borrowed a trick from Valencia. 'We've been taking fliers out to schools in the neighborhood,' said Casey Robertson, an Emerson College graduate who is interning with 826 Boston. "We've been giving them to principals, putting them directly in teacher's mailboxes.' Already, she said, teachers have responded - to the outreach and to 826's illustrious history.

The full article is at 826 Boston: A different writing center - The Boston Globe.

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libby said...

I have been volunteering at 826 Chicago for a few years--it's a really great organization and a good place to donate time.