Tuesday, October 9, 2007

News from the Fringe

The October issue of Fringe Magazine is hot off the virtual press! Watch for our redesign in the December issue; it'll be our first redesign since launching the magazine, and we hope it will improve the usability of the site.

Submission Call: the Ethnos Issue (due out Feb. 1 just in time for our 2nd b-day) - check our submission guidelines and our blog for more info. Deadline for submissions is 12/15/07.

The Project: to protest the near homogeneity of the NY Times Best Books list, we're creating our own list, and we need everyone's help! Read more about it in the new issue, and check out the Pool (as a starting point) on our blog.

I've traded my fiction editor duties for the title of Managing Editor, and the very capable Katie Spencer (also an Emerson grad, though I'm not sure she's a WP687 alum) has taken over the fiction role. It's tough to let go of the genre, but I'm taking each day one at a time...

As always, the Fringe Staff thanks everyone for their continued support!

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