Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Pitch Me Please--Outside magazine

Attention writers! Although I bear the title of "intern" at Outside magazine, I am as well received in pitch meetings as a Senior Editor...okay, maybe I don't have quite as much pull, but I can get your ideas heard!

If any of you are searching for that freelance foot in the door and write on an Outside beat--adventure travel, athletes (not Tom Brady, but Tony Hawk, Chris Sharma, and the occasional Beckham hit), sports (not football, but freeskiing, mountaineering, whitewater kayaking, and surfing), and science (think environmental, global warming fodder), please send pitches my way.

Particularly send over short profile feature ideas (like 1,500 words) and short, quick hits for our front-of-book O-Zone Department--but don't limit yourself. No lengthy pitch required (although, I will read it), but feel free to keep it brief. Even if you have a seed of an idea--sound off!

Shoot them over to me, Ali Carr, at and I will work to get you an assigned gig.

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