Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Mike Nagel tricks someone into paying him...

Hey guys... little writing-related update for you here. I've currently taken a leave of absence from my job at STA Travel to work on my thesis with my adviser/slave-driver Prof. Seglin. I'm also trying out the whole "freelance writer" bit to see where that goes, if anywhere, which means I'll be updating my (*shameless plug*) blog more regularly, since I usually don't get rejections notices from myself.

But in more lucrative news, I have landed a small, regular gig, though. I'm now one of Good Catch Publishing 's pool of writers, which is exciting. GCP is a small, up-and-coming, Christian publishing house based out in Oregon. They are paid by churches or community groups (e.g. military units, fire houses, etc.) to publish books containing seven true stories of spiritual life changes, revelations or successes. It's kind of a neat idea and I get to play the role of journalist/interviewer/writer during the process. Good times...

Right now, most of their stories are not published online, but if that changes, I'll post links. If you want to buy autographed books, feel free to send a SASE to my agent.

Keep writing,

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