Monday, February 18, 2008

Present Magazine

The Kansas City Star ran a feature about Pete Dulin and Present Magazine, an online arts and culture magazine he co-founded in Kansas City.

According to reporter Timothy Finn, Dulin "conceived the idea about five years ago. His goal back then: combine his affection for music and the arts and his love for writing with his academic and professional backgrounds (publishing, marketing and food)."

“The basic concept was to cover subjects like food, music and culture in stories that were not being told in other publications or tell them in different ways,” Dulin said. “There was a lot going on that I thought people should know about.”

Orignally, Dulin had thoughts of being a sous chef, according to Finn.

“I decided culinary school would be too demanding,” Dulin says in the article, which continues:

"Instead he went to graduate school at Emerson College in Boston, where he focused on publishing and nonfiction writing — namely food writing."

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