Wednesday, May 7, 2008


[UPDATE: Libby has provided a picture of the bunny -- see image at left.]

Libby Ellis is part of the team that launched Oy!Chicago, a new online publication that describes itself as "a gathering space for socially conscious, intellectually curious, community-minded contemporaries. Oy! is home to articles, columns, reviews and ongoing discussions about Jewish life—whether you define yours as eating matzo ball soup at The Bagel, watching The Sarah Silverman Program, volunteering to help kids with homework or getting together with friends to celebrate Shabbat. You’re living Jewishly—or Jew-ishly—in Chicago and we want to talk about it."

You can view a fetching picture of a helmeted Libby here. Libby did not provide a photo of the 350-pound beer-swilling bunny with whom she lives.

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