Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Pub Buzz Blog

This from Kim Liao about a new blog of interest to current and former graduate students at Emerson:

Finally, Emerson graduate students are creating a virtual community to share the news and witty musings of WLP students and alums! While professors may hear about the wonderful news and accomplishments of your former students, and even share this news with fellow alums of your classes, we're bringing you and your alumni a way to link all of these updates and achievements together:

Pub Buzz, a new blog made especially for Emerson Graduate Students and Alumni of the WLP Department.

To MA and MFA Alumni: Subscribe now to get your daily dose of literary news and snark! Or, better yet, send us YOUR news and snark and we'll post it in our weekly publicity shout-out. Email us your achievements, upcoming events, or witty writing at pubbuzz@gmail.com.

WLP Alumni, stay in touch with the department and with each other via Pub Buzz!

When you email us, feel free to also include a brief bio, photo of yourself or your periodical, upcoming book, or other relevant media we can link to (have you staged a dramatic reading of your Dig column on Youtube? send us the link!).

Thanks very much for sharing this with your current and former students,

Kim Liao

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